October 17, 2011

The Write Way

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Although writing is essential to everyday life, there’s a huge difference between someone who simply writes and someone who is a writer.  As an aspiring public relations practitioner, I’d like to classify myself as the latter.  Although we don’t write for ourselves as PR practitioners, the passion we have for the art of writing is obvious in what we produce.  It’s my personal belief that one cannot be successful in the world of PR without possessing at least a slight zeal for writing.  After all, it’s our job to communicate effectively, and that includes writing…a lot.

In this week’s post, I’d like to share what I have found to be most helpful when writing.  The following list contains my version of five of the most essential writing basics:

Develop and maintain focus

♦ When you’re writing for others, you need to produce writing that is effective and easy to read.  This can be achieved by managing your time wisely, concentrating on the mission at hand and eliminating distractions.

Respect the reader’s time

♦ In today’s world of 140-character tweets and multitasking while multitasking, time is more important than ever.  In order to reach your target audience, you need to produce information that’s readily available, easy to read and to the point.

Use your own, unique voice and be yourself

♦ We all have our own styles and the same is true when we communicate.  When you write, you need to find your own voice and remain true to who you are.

Write a message that readers will remember

♦ What’s the point of writing something if no one reads it or if it’s read but not remembered?  One way to make your reading memorable is if it follows the five “C’s”, a concept I learned in one of my early PR classes.  You must focus on the content, be clear and concise with what you release, write in a compelling manner, and always remain consistent, especially when it comes to spelling and grammar.

Know your topic

♦ Do research before you begin writing and contact subject-matter experts if necessary.  If you’re not knowledgeable about your writing topic, readers will know and you’ll lose credibility as a writer.

 The most important lesson that can be taken away from this post is that writing serves a purpose and is a skill that takes time, effort and an earnest desire to improve.

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